On Dec. 10, 2012, NJ Assemblyman Nelson Albano and NJ Assemblyman Ron Dancer introduced 5 bills and 1 resolution into the NJ Assembly. We are waiting for the Assembly Education Committee Chair, Assemblyman Patrick J. Diegnan Jr., to post the bills to the education committee for a vote by the committee. If the committee votes to approve the bills, then the bills will go to the floor of the Assembly and will need to be voted on and passed by the General Assembly.

The same process will need to take place in the NJ Senate. If the bills are passed in both houses of the state, then they will be moved onto the governor for his signature. If the governor signs the bills they become law and then off to the NJ Dept. of Education to turn the laws into action through required regulations, which the individual school districts will have to follow. Please note this process can take a while and not all the bills might make it through, but we need all NJ parents to help us spread the word and meet with their local legislators and ask them to support the bills.

Here are copies of the Assembly bills for you to review: NJ Assembly Dyslexia Bills 2012